The Dissensio Debates

Are YOU the next great debater?

The Liberalists Society is pleased to announce the official launch of The Dissensio Debates, a weekly program designed not only to give amateur debaters the chance to hone their talents, but deserving individuals a platform to express their arguments and ideas on the official “The Liberalists” YouTube channel. Participants of different ideologies, political beliefs, affiliations, whether on the left or on the right, are all invited to spar in this battle of wits.

So what are you waiting for? Sargon of Akkad? Ben Shapiro? Jordan Peterson?…They aint got nothing on you. Come and join the dissent!


To be eligible, you must be a member of any of the three “The Liberalist Society” facebook groups:

International (The Liberalists)

United Kingdom (UKIP Liberalists)

United States (The Revolutionaries)


  • On Monday, the moderator in charge for the week will post a debate prompt in the various TLS groups (US, UK, and international). The prompt is an open statement such as “PROMPT: Globalization v Nationalism”. The members will them comment their arguments for any side they wish to defend. On Wednesday, the Debate Project Team will then pick the best comment and message the person who commented such asking him privately if he wants to join the debate. If he declines, they will then message someone else.
  • The 4 participants will be picked from the different TLS groups. Two on one side, another two on the other. One debater shall be from UKIP Liberalists, another from USA: Revolutionaries, and two from the main The Liberalists group. The representative of the UKIP Liberalist and the representative of the USA Liberalist will be on opposing sides; the two members from the main group will be in either the UKIP or USA side depending on their comment.
  • By Thursday evening, the debaters will be informed of their teams. It is to each team’s discretion if they wish to practice or not. The schedule of the debate will also be decided based on each member’s availability, but it should happen over the weekend. The schedule of the debate will then be released to the public.
  • The debate proper will be moderated by the moderator in charge of the week. It will be livestreamed in the official Liberalists youtube, and shared to all Liberalist (TLS) groups and pages.
  • The format: the moderator introduces each of the debaters, and then five minutes opening statement from each debater, and then rebuttals. The format is flexible depending on the moderator and the debaters.


  • The winner will be decided by poll. The polls will be placed in each Liberalist group, so while the video itself can be shared, in order to vote, one must join any of the different Liberalist groups. The participants are encouraged to invite their friends and family to join so that they may vote.
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday of the following week.
  • The winning team will be rewarded with their own video, an edited clip of the winners taken from the debate called “HIGHLIGHTS” in The Liberalist youtube.

DEBATE PROJECT TEAM MODERATORS: (feel free to contact for any inquiries)

Nathan Kreider/NAK

Christina McLaughlin/Transcend Liberalism

The Carnal Conservative

Logic, Empathy, Honesty

Morrison Lakey