About Us


A Liberal is someone who subscribes to Classical Liberal values of the enlightenment; JS Mill, Voltaire, Hobbes, and all the way to Dr. Jordan Peterson are those best described as Classical Liberals.

​A Liberalist is an activist for Classical Liberalism who acts in accordance to the principles outlined at The Liberalist Society.

We hope you will join us, both on the digital platforms you’ll see below, as well as events in the future.

Remember: Not conformity of thought, but a kinship of values. Hope to see you soon.

~A Liberalist


The Liberalist Society is a group focused on ACTIVISM, whose main goal is to uphold, promote, and spread classical Liberalism. We do NOT seek to be a political party (though we do work with UKIP) because Liberalist principles are too vast to be contained in one party (our members all have differing political beliefs; we have those who are right leaning, center, and left leaning). We instead help promote candidates from existing parties with Liberalists principles, we organize events, protests, real world activities and we hold international campaigns.

We, as an organization, think bureaucracies get nothing done except to waste people’s time and money. We have a structure and a bit of a hierarchy, yes, but this exists only to facilitate work. We uphold freedom and liberty in society, so we do not own your labor; your labor is yours and yours alone. Whatever you contribute is for the good of the movement. So how do we go around doing activism? We do activism through our international campaigns and through our subsidiaries and affiliates in different countries, as well as affiliate organizations, all of whom shall be aided by our teams.

The Liberalists Society is currently composed of management and several teams (listed below). Management’s role is coordination with the teams, the subsidiaries, and the affiliates. The teams contribute their expertise to the campaigns, the subsidiaries, and the affiliates. Each team is composed of heads and members. The heads facilitate work, and the members, when they are free, contribute. It’s as simple as that. If anyone from any team suddenly gets an idea for any project they would wish TLS to do, they are free to bring it up to management and we will help them with their projects. We appreciate initiative. There is no hassle, not too much meetings, rules, elections, blah blah blah. We just get work done. Thus, feel free to contact ANY member of management for any needs you may have or any project you want to spearhead so we may lend you our resources.

The Liberalist Society C-Level Leadership

  • Jonathan Wong, Chair
  • Frank Brosell, Vice Chair
  • Sepha Pagdanganan, Captain
  • Nathan Kreider

The Liberalist Society Teams

  • PR: Mads Tejlgaard Oleson
  • Social Media:
    • Jonathan Wong, Chair
    • Sammi Butcher, Facebook Editor
    • Frank Brosell, Facebook Editor (USA Revolutionaries)
    • Nathan Kreider, Minds Editor
  • Technical:
    • Mike Litson, Chair

Current TLS Subsidiaries

  • UKIP Liberalists: War Plan Purple
        • Jonathan Wong, Chair
      • Callum Darragh, Coordinator
      • Sammi Butcher
  • USA Revolutionaries
      • Frank Brosell, Chair
      • Derek Thorn, Editor
      • Nathan Kreider
      • Crideas Bane

If you want to join any of the teams, feel free to contact any of the TLS managers

Current Affiliates  (note: our affiliates are all under independent, non-TLS management)

  • Liberalists Spain
    The Liberalists Spain is an independent organization. We provide them with help and resources, but we have no jurisdiction over them. To get in touch with Liberalists Spain, please contact Nicolas Barbanegra Vazquez.