A Monthly Update – May 2019

It’s been about a month since the Liberalists began publishing articles once again, starting with the first of this monthly update series. Since then, many of us have been hard at work doing research, publishing articles, and bettering our website.


We’ve maintained our lofty goal of three new articles per week over the last month, published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our articles have covered a variety of topics, from a variety of diverse political perspectives. We accept submissions as long as they follow the guidelines, which can be found at theliberalists.net/submissions.

At the time of writing this, our website has had 600 visits within the last day, and we aim to increase that over the next month. We are also working to expand the type of content we produce.

The UKIP Liberalists and War Plan Purple teams have been working hard to debunk the smear merchants, mainly with their Reality Check series, and have been helping with Carl Benjamin’s MEP campaign for South West England.

How You Can Help:

We’re a group of volunteers doing our best to grow The Liberalists. You can help us by sharing our content, and following our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Minds. You can also join our main Facebook group.
We’re accepting article submissions! Follow the guidelines at theliberalists.net/submissions and send your article to submissions@theliberalists.net. We’re always looking for great articles, and once yours has been published, you’ll get your own author page on our site.

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