9 Times Diane Abbott Was Racist

by Freddy Nielson

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP has often been labelled a “breeding ground for racism,” despite the lack of hard evidence to support these kinds of claims.

Where there has been any suspicion of racism within the UKIP ranks, members have been suspended from the party — as they rightfully should. Labour doesn’t seem to adhere to the same moral standards when it comes to their own members. In fact, they are more than happy to place such members on the front benches.

Diane Abbott is one such member on the front bench, and there is no shortage of hard evidence of her racism. But don’t take our word for it — here are nine examples you can use to make up your own mind about the would-be Shadow Chancellor of the Labour Party.

1. Thinks Finnish nurses have never met black people

Labour is a party that cares a lot about the NHS. Yet in 1996, when the NHS recruited 20 Finnish nurses to help out with a staff shortage, Diane Abbott wasn’t pleased.

Instead of being thrilled that the staff shortage was remedied, Abbott complained that “blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls” had “never met a black person before” and therefore were unsuitable as nurses.

Her colleague Bernie Grant MP supported her statement by saying “Bringing someone here from Finland who has never seen a black person before and expecting them to have some empathy with black people is nonsense. Scandinavian people don’t know black people—they probably don’t know how to take their temperature”

The Miss Finland at the time of Abbott’s statement was of Nigerian and Finnish descent.

2. Claims that only West Indian mums care about their children

Back in 2010, Abbott criticised fellow politicians Tony Blair and Harriet Harman for sending their children to private rather than public schools.

When confronted about this blatant display of hypocrisy, Abbott stated that “West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children,” insinuating that other ethnicities wouldn’t do the same.

3. Says white people love playing divide and rule

In a now famous tweet from 2012, Abbot said that “White people love playing ‘divide and rule’ We should not play their game”.

When caught out, Abbott apologised by saying she didn’t want to “make generalisations about white people,” demonstrating her lack of command of the English language.

4. Dubious of black people

White people aren’t Diane Abbott’s only targets. She’s more than happy to introduce racism to black people who claim they’ve never experienced any.

In a tweet from 2012, she stated that she was “dubious of black people claiming they’ve never experienced racism.”

5. Fears radicalisation of white men

Diane Abbott receives a lot of abuse online, just like any other public figure with a Twitter account. Most sensible people simply ignore such abuse by online trolls.

Abbott, however, didn’t miss the opportunity to express her fear of the “radicalisation of white men online”, failing to mention similar radicalisation of other groups engaging in similar abuse.

6. Says all Brexit voters are racists

One of Abbott’s many talents is to project her own racist beliefs onto her political opposition, and isn’t afraid to put all Brexit voters into one big basket of deplorables.

In 2016, she said that “the people that complain about the freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they really want is to see less foreign looking people on their streets.”

7. Wants to ban non-black people from standing as candidates

“All-women shortlists have returned – essentially, white women,” Abbott said in 2017. But misandry was not enough for Abbott, who also wanted Labour’s policy to be racist as well.

“What we need to do is return and have all-black shortlists… That isn’t beyond our thinking,” she said, essentially calling for a ban on all non-black Labour candidates.

8. Says that Jews wear “costumes”

Hackney, the borough Diane Abbott represents, has a large community of Charedi Jews. Some of them wear traditional outfits known as tallits, shtreimels, bekishes, and rekels.

To Abbott, however, these are all just “costumes” that her constituents presumably wear just to have a laugh. Then again, maybe Abbott’s remarks are simply in line with Labour’s general stance on anti-semitism.

9. Uses the N-word

Carl Benjamin, one of UKIP’s MEP candidates, has recently come under fire for using the n-word. Journalists and politicians alike have happily disregarded the context in which it was used.

If context no longer matters, as it doesn’t seem to do according to the police, then Diane Abbott is a racist for having used it repeatedly. What if someone were to take offense?

Is Diane Abbott a racist?

You be the judge. And if you like putting things into their rightful context, you may be able to spot a pattern of racism within the Labour Party.

Is it really a wonder that the party would elect a racist as their Shadow Chancellor when they charge white people more to hear their white leader speak?

If they let white people in at all, that is.

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