It’s Time to Disavow and Replace The NRA

by The Carnal Conservative

Trust me, I am as stunned to have written that as you probably were to read it.  Allow me to explain.

You are under the impression that the NRA (National Rifle Association) is a Pro Second Amendment group, and that is false.  The NRA is a Pro-gun group. The Second Amendment is not, nor is it intended to be limited to being a “Pro-gun” amendment.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

2nd Amendment, United States Bill of Rights

First, it was expected that Americans would continue the tradition of maintaining a civilian militia, not a state-sponsored one.  This is declared to be a necessity of the security of a free state.

Second, it declares this to be a right of the People, not a state duty to maintain an army as put forth in Article I. The Constitution does not repeat itself.

Third, and it declares that right is to “keep and bear Arms”.

That’s right, not guns but Arms. 

When we discuss “Arms” we generally imply the definition firearms. But that isn’t what it means. It means Armaments of all varieties, specifically those employed by the United States Armed Forces, and any armaments that would be necessary to combat our Armed Forces, to maintain a free State.  That term “arms” now has a far broader meaning. It includes not just guns as in handguns, shotguns, semi-auto rifles, and fully automatic rifles, this definition extends to but in no way limited to grenades, rocket launchers, mines, tanks, aircraft, bombs, and so forth. 

This is the part where people start to express shock and dismay.  “Ordinary people weren’t intended to own those!” “I wouldn’t trust some madman with a rocket launcher! Imagine the damage one mad man could do! ONE MAN!”

What these objections are correctly pointing out is that we live in a MAD world.  A world whose precious structure rests upon M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction. This is when two parties realize that if one were to attack the other, both sides would ultimately perish.  Take note that in virtually every case of mass shooting and death, the culprit usually dies. In the rare instances where they are not, they are then tried, convicted, and will then probably be put to death by the State.

Stop worrying about the idea of living in a MAD world.  You already do and chances are you will survive it just fine. If it was truly that horrible an idea, The Cold War would have been far bloodier and mass murderers would not even stand trial after committing atrocities.  Accept the reality that someone in the room you are standing in can probably kill you if they wanted to. Also accept that the reason they don’t is MAD. MAD is what keeps society happy and sane.

If you don’t want to believe me, let’s look at some people and regimes who did not accept MAD.  Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Chavez and Pol Pot all disarmed their populaces, MAD was no longer assured, and in each case millions of people died at the hands of the State.  MAD is not the problem. It’s the exact opposite that leads to death, oppression and tyranny.

But what benefit could we hope to achieve by allowing citizens to own grenades and rocket launchers?  Well, would you open automatic fire into a crowd of country fans knowing that a missile could be fired right back at your face?  I surely wouldn’t. That is the glory of MAD. It guarantees immediate consequences for anti-social homicidal behavior. Let us also admit that knowing country fans have no power to fire a rocket launcher back at your face, makes the idea a bit more tempting.

The Second Amendment was intrinsically designed to assure Americans would have guaranteed MAD amongst each other and their government. 

The NRA has failed to preserve that right.

And they have failed repeatedly. 

They have supported the legislation that not only taxes, but has out-right banned the purchase of “Destructive Devices” and automatic weapons. This poses a two-fold problem. 

First it isolates the purchasers of high-grade military arms to governments and other international individuals (and regimes) who can be legally sold these arms by those who make them.  This phenomena is known as the Military Industrial Complex, a topic we will be addressing shortly.

Second, it has successfully removed from our culture any notion that a right to these other arms should even be considered.  It narrows the “arms” argument down to the “gun” argument. We need to wake up from these notions and remove these barriers as quickly as possible for the maintaining of a Free State.

We need to attack this problem with a likewise two-fold approach.  We need to appeal to the Conservative ideals of self-reliance, self-preservation, liberty and freedom while simultaneously endorsing the Liberal desire to cut back on warfare and bloodshed by insisting on a more peaceful non-interventionist tactics of diplomacy and tolerance. Each tactic has been tried on its own to little effect.  Why? Because the Military Industrial Complex is a monster that feeds itself upon government inflated profits. We must move the culture against that monster before any real improvement can be seen. 

Now let me be clear: I have no intentions of destroying arms manufacturers.  Quite the contrary, I want to liberate them by opening their prospective buyers to the average American.  What I want to destroy is the incestuous relationship they have with the United States Government. The necessary tactic to this grand vision however can not be strictly Liberal or Conservative, but a common sense melding of those two drives which we aptly call populism.  It will be a populist movement and philosophy that will enact these changes. It will be a populist cultural shift that will carry these changes in law and policy.  

We need a group that will endorse complete arms rights for all Americans and condemn direct government purchasing from arms manufacturers.

But how would the government engage in the necessary defense of the Nation without arms or who would they get them from, your sleazy politician may ask?  Why, they would get it from you! You, the average American would buy arms from the liberated and now capitalistically-bound arms manufacturer, and charitably give those arms to your government as you personally deem them worthy.

During the war in Iraq right after the “surge”, military families were known for having to pay and send packages with body armor and other goods the government had been unable to supply.  This is not new, and I believe it to be a sign of how limited and unsuccessful the relationship our government has with these arms manufacturers. These limitations can be overcome by forcing the arms manufacturers to be responsible for marketing direct to the American People, both lowering costs and improving quality of product.  

What appeal does this have to the conscientious Liberal? Well, they don’t have to participate. No more wondering how much of your taxes went to international murder. The amount will always be zero if you choose not to participate.

This is why we need to disavow and replace the NRA.

All Americans deserve the liberty to decide how much they want to participate in war, whether at home or abroad. They deserve the right to say “no” to their government in the face of all forms of tyranny.

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