Red Cortez Strikes Again

by Christina McLaughlin

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) has had her share of gaffs over the dawning of her political career. She called a fellow Democratic colleague a Republican creep for standing next to a cardboard cut out of her, and the Green New Deal, which includes blaming cow farts, hamburgers, and banning airplanes (just to name a few items listed). This recent gaff however, only goes to show how insane and out of touch she and her ilk have become.

AOC recently tweeted out the following, along with an Esquire magazine link as a citation to her claim.

Their expert is named Andrea Pitzer, and she is the author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps. In the article she is cited as saying, “We have what I would call a concentration camp system,” Pitzer says, “and the definition of that in my book is, mass detention of civilians without trial.” Oddly enough however, Ms. Pitzer by claim of her own definition is wrong to call these detention facilities “concentration camps.”

The expert definition of Ms. Pitzer, if applied to every single jail in america, would define them all as concentration camps. A jail in America is where you are held after being arrested to await trial, prison is where you are held after your trial if found to be guilty. The illegal immigrants crossing the border en masse, when they are caught, are brought into custody to await trial. They are not being held without a trial. So either Ms. Pitzer is being disingenuous or she doesn’t understand her own definition. If anything, these detention centers are criminally underfunded jails. And that just might be what Cortez might want.

In her battle to prevent any additional resources to be given to ICE or the US border patrol, she is prolonging the suffering of these people, so she can repeat the far left mantra of “Orange Man Bad”. Denying the funds necessary to improve the conditions at these facilities allows Cortez to preach about how Trump is a Nazi. She will search for any evidence that conforms to her message, then present it as gospel. This in turn allows her to portray herself as a heroine to her followers. Leading the charge to topple the fascist Nazi empire and free the people. When in reality she is using the hardship these people have to endure for her own political gain.

Cortez comparing the shanty detention centers, where immigrants are held to await trial, to concentration camps is an absolute slap in the face to every last living survivor of the Holocaust. Her staunch opposition to approving the funds needed to improve the lives of these detained immigrants is evidence of a lack of conscience. All in an attempt to elevate her standing as a hero of the people, to make a grab for power, because that’s all she cares about. She is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, a fitting metaphor for an avowed socialist. There is her inner circle who stand to benefit from her position, and then there’s everyone else, who are just shouting from the cheap seats.

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