About Last Night: The 2019 EU Parliamentary Elections

by Christina McLaughlin

The EU elections are over, and one thing is clear from the results. The foundation of the EU is beginning to crack. Anti-EU sentiment has been on the rise because of the disastrous legislation, passed by the elites who are really running the show.

Legislation such as Article 13, which, as many of you know, places extreme limitations on fair use and amateur creators. It stifles creativity and criticism for the sake of protecting the few elites. Though if you ask many people, immigration seems to be the policy that will be the Brussels undoing.

Examining the countries where the mainstream parties suffered defeats reveals that the silent majority was in full force. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party stunned Macron’s La République En Marche party.

France has been in chaos for months now, with the Gilets Jaunes movement protesting many of the rules imposed by the EU on the french people, such as the carbon tax, which has seen petrol prices skyrocket in France, leaving ordinary people without transportation, but allowing the elites to continue on unaffected.

Salvini’s Northern League party won strongly in Italy, which has already shown signs of dissatisfaction with the bloc. Salvini, in defiance of the EU’s immigration rules, has placed strong restriction on his country’s immigration policy, and on accepting refugees. This has caused some to question whether Italy might be the next country to leave the EU. That also may indeed prove true as the future draws ever nearer.

In the UK, the Brexit Party trounced the mainstream Labour and Conservative parties. Even the Liberal Democrats, the far left socialist party, finished with more seats than Labour and the Tories. The new party created by Farage campaigned on fulfilling the people’s choice to leave the EU.

The question is, will he?

There have been some criticisms against Farage that he created The Brexit Party so that he could maintain control for himself, that he sought to centralize power exclusively to himself, rather than maintain a democratic position of leadership. Time will tell whether those criticisms have any weight, and we won’t have to wait long. As I see it, if he still has a job as an MEP come Halloween, then the criticisms against him are valid. If he does not have a job come Halloween, then he is a man of integrity and character.

With the victories of parties that the media consider far right/alt-right, what does that mean for the EU? Some would say it’s a referendum on the policies the EU has put in place that strip countries of their sovereignty. Some would say it’s the people expressing their concern for the EU’s lax immigration policies that have seen communities upended and changed overnight. Some might say those two issues are intertwined, and this result is the kettle finally boiling over.

One thing, however, is certain. The EPP is steadily losing seats: forty-four in the 2014 election, and thirty-eight seats this election. That means that the majority party can no longer govern without a coalition from other parties. This could mean that the power the social elites wield might finally be broken, or that it will be business as usual.

Only time will tell…

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