No Pasaran! O Corbynista

by Jatayu Lives

What do Jeremy Corbyn, Tunisia, duffel bags, AKM rifles, Tokarev Pistols, grenades and the year 1972 have in common? The death and mutilation of 11 Israelis, 1 West German policeman, and 5 terrorists.

If you do not know what I am referring to, the 1972 Munich Massacre should ring a bell. Aided by West German Neo Nazis, Black September (a Palestinian terrorist organisation) would take 11 Israeli hostages at the Olympic Village. After a failed rescue operation, all 11 would be slaughtered, shot point blank in cold blood by their captors.

What does all of this have to do with Jeremy Corbyn? It seems that our comrade saw fit to attend a wreath laying ceremony for members of the terrorist organisation that carried out the Munich attack.

Though shocking, this is not the only time he has found himself associated with,or in the presence of terrorists or terror outfits. In 2010, he met Hamas officials in Israel and Palestine. In 2015, he invited Hamas activists and supporters to the House of Commons. He also called Raed Salah, a man who has said things such a “Inshallah, Jerusalem will soon become the capital of the global caliphate” and claimed in an article that a “unique mover” behind the 9/11 attacks warned Jews not to turn up on the day of the attack, an “honoured citizen.”

Hamas is an Islamic fundamentalist organisation that has maintained a dictatorial grip on the Gaza strip, crushing democracy and preaching constant violence toward the Jews and the state of Israel. Their military wing has been involved in planning and executing a number of terror attacks, mainly suicide bombings and rocket attacks, on innocent Israeli citizens. In their covenant they have claimed:

  • “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”
  • “The day the enemies usurp part of Moslem land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Moslem. In the face of the Jews’ usurpation, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised”
  • “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him”
  • “The HAMAS regards itself the spearhead and the vanguard of the circle of struggle against World Zionism… Islamic groups all over the Arab world should also do the same, since they are best equipped for their future role in the fight against the warmongering Jews”

Husam Badran is a man responsible for playing a role in the terrorist bombing of the Dolphinarium Discotheque in Tel Aviv, an attack that killed 21 and wounded more than a hundred, as well as the Sbarro Pizza bombing, Park Hotel bombing, and the Matza restaurant bombing. He was also a senior level official of the Samaria region military wing of Hamas. More than a 100 people would perish in attacks ordered by Badran. Abdul Aziz Umar was the man responsible for 7 deaths in the Café Hillel bombing in 2003.

Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal, who called former Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s holocaust denying statement “courageous“, along with the two aforementioned men were present at a Doha conference which Mr. Corbyn attended and chaired a panel in. He would go onto call participants who attended this conference as “brothers” on Press TV.

Chairman Corbyn has also flashed the four finger hand gesture, a gesture of solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood, while standing alongside a member of the Muslim Association of Britain which has deep ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

A 2015 government report found that the Muslim Brotherhood stood “counter to British values and Democracy.”* The organisation is also considered a terror outfit by Russia, UAE, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.* The current American government is also considering the move.

We now have learned that Hamas has fired at least 600 rockets on Israel targeting innocent men, women and children. Wonder how Mr. Corbyn feels about that?

It does seem highly ironic then that he would tweet “This is appalling and has absolutely no place anywhere in our society, let alone in politics. Solidarity with @jessphillips.” This in response to a headline claiming that Carl Benjamin (also known as Sargon of Akkad) “might rape MP.”

What is clearly understood upon further research is that Mr. Benjamin is being grossly misrepresented in quite the Orwellian fashion. Mr. Benjamin never sent a rape threat to an MP and insinuating this is being extremely dishonest indeed. It is dodgy journalism at best and character assassination at worst. It does lend credence however to Mr. Benjamin’s famous utterance in regards to the politically motivated media houses as “Dirty dirty smear merchants.”

One is also left astounded at why Mr. Corbyn would show solidarity with suicide mocker Jess Phillips. After all, she has more than earned this nickname as she laughed at Phillip Davies when the man suggested that there should be a parliamentary debate about men’s rights. Topics that were suggested included shorter life expectancy, wider health issues that went unreported, higher suicide rates, domestic violence toward men, underachievement of boys in education compared to girls, father child relationships and unfair treatment when it comes to child custody.

What exactly does her holiness find humours about these issues. The fact that men are killing themselves in droves? The fact that men are 58% more likely to die of cancer (before the age of 65) than women yet most resources are devoted toward cancer that afflicts females? What exactly is funny about raising a child and losing the ability to be a part of his life and upbringing, having him legally ripped away from you while still having to pay alimony? What exactly does she find funny? I’m sure she would throw a fit if men started laughing about female domestic violence, female suicide and female health issues. Better yet, she would find a way to position herself as the impotent victim, distraught at the savagery that the barbaric patriarchal overlords are subjecting her too.

Who exactly is he showing solidarity with? A woman who said that debates on these important topics could occur only when “women in parliament have parity.” It is indeed telling that the media would dig up a three year old tweet and use it as some sort of bombshell evidence to bash a classical liberal with but completely gloss over the fact that a sitting MP laughed at topics as serious as male suicide. It does seem that the Russia Hysteria has now entered the UK as the UKIP Hysteria. The dangerous liberal YouTuber who wants to give everyone freedom, treat everyone fairly and allow everyone to speak their mind is now apparently a racist, fascist and (insert word)phobic and must be stopped at all costs!

And what of the famed Corbyn? In addition to his long and illustrious record of being close, I dare say chummy, with members of Hamas, we can add the fact that he invited to Parliament, Hamas extremists who amongst their noble ranks had individuals who led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day, expressed the intention of sacrificing themselves (in what way one does wonder?) for the state of Palestine and called for attacks on Her Majesty’s Navy if they stopped the smuggling of arms to terror groups in Gaza. Quite the company, eh? All of this a mere six months before becoming the glorious leader of the Labour party.

The Labour party is in drastic need of reform. It needs to shed it’s new extreme identity and engage in some introspection. Carrying down this path will have disastrous consequences for both the party and democracy.

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