The Liberalists Remember 9/11

The Liberalist Society would like to solemnly remember 9/11 and all of the fallen in the destruction of the attacks that occured on Sept. 11 2001.

We remember the 71 Law Enforcement Officers who laid down their lives in the line of duty for their fellow man.  We thank you and your families who still mourn your loss.

We remember the 343 Firefighters who sacrificed their lives by jumping into harm’s way to bring so many more to safety.  The lives you have saved are unknown to us, but the effect and memory of all that you had done to save those you could will never be forgotten.

And we remember the 2,753 civilians who all died as a result of those attacks and were punished for the crime of embodying the American spirit.  Although you did not put yourself in harm’s way that day, we remember you for what you represented that day. You were free individuals living in the free nation of The United States of America. All of you were individuals who represented the hope and power of this great country, which our enemies have tried in vain to tear down and destroy.

We remember and The Liberalist Society will never forget.

The Liberalists Remember 9/11