Support Our GoFundMe Campaign: Send a Liberalist to MythCon!

by Rebecca Christiansen

Hear ye, hear ye, Liberalists and Liberalist supporters: we’re launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send one of us to MythCon V! Beginning today, we’re looking to raise $1,000 to send Christina McLaughlin, member of the Liberalist media team and YouTuber at Transcend Liberalism, to MythCon to cover the conference and bring back the wisdom she acquires. 

One thousand dollars will cover Christina’s flights, accommodations, ticket to the event, and transport. It will also go toward printing up some Liberalist promotional material, so Christina can evangelize to the masses about our group.

You can donate to the cause at

To learn more about what we can expect from sending a Liberalist to MythCon, I asked Christina a few questions. 


Photo courtesy of Christina McLaughlin


Rebecca Christiansen: First off, tell us about you and your YouTube channel! Why have you started it, and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Christina McLaughlin: I am a red-pilled former liberal who is hoping to share her values and views through my YouTube channel. I started the YouTube channel to show a unique perspective of a centrist transgender libertarian, and to show others who are afraid to speak their minds that there is an outlet for them. I hope to show others out there who were like me that there is a place for you. A place to feel free and open with your ideas and feel welcome.

Christiansen: Tell us about your history in the Liberalists. What’s your take on the movement so far?

McLaughlin: I was drawn to the Liberalists through Sargon of Akkad, I remember watching his interview with a member of the Liberalists, and how that message of classical western liberal values fit with my views. I felt a connection to it. So I started following the group, and came across their meme vault. I started posting my views through an outlet of comedic art, and soon my works were being recognized by the group. Some of my works like the Virgin Demon vs Space Marine chad, and the dichotomy of social media censorship, were shared by the likes of Sargon of Akkad, Paul Joseph Watson, and others.

My take on the movement is that the Liberalists stands for what our societies were built on. individual rights, and personal freedoms. It’s a group that believes in these core values and has shown a willingness to spread these ideas which has energized me to helping to spread that message.

Christiansen: How do you think the Liberalists will benefit from a presence at Mythicist Milwaukee?

McLaughlin: Activism is key. Meeting and interacting with individuals is the best way to help share and spread ideas. Open discourse plants a seed for an idea to take root and spread.

Christiansen: What aspects of MythCon do you think Liberalists will most want to learn about from your coverage? How do you intend to tackle covering the event?

McLaughlin: I believe the gathering of so many different ideas and having them under one roof will make for a fascinating and wonderful learning experience to hear news ideas being formed in response to the regressive movement.

I intend to communicate with as many people as I can, and record their reactions or comments to the speakers, as well as attempt to interact with as many speakers as possible to get a direct line from these speakers to the viewers.

Christiansen: What panels, conversations, or speeches do you think will be the most productive?

McLaughlin: All of them, to be perfectly honest. MythCon has done well in creating an engaging lineup of ideas, from social justice, to atheism, to transgender views. There are a great many topics to cover. And I believe with the quality of speakers MythCon has put together, all the talks will be productive.

Christiansen: What do you think it’s going to be like on the ground at MythCon? Are you ready?

McLaughlin: A melting pot of ideas and new interactions. I’ll be right at home, lol.

Christiansen: What are you most looking forward to at MythCon V?

McLaughlin: Engaging with the crowd, and interacting with as many as I can individually to share our values and work to change as many minds as I can through the power of speech.