UKIP NEC Election Recommendations

The UKIP NEC election deadline is due 4pm Thursday 26th of July; as people may not have the time to look into each candidate, we have contacted all 17 candidates regarding hate speech and of the best candidates we reconnected to share their views regarding the direction UKIP should go in future and the issues that are most near and dear to them to help inform your vote.

Here is a summary description of each candidate we recommend based on their responses which most align with our principles and goals. Furthermore, we have asked each candidate write a short statement to describe themselves; we will continue to update this announcement as responses come in.

In last name alphabetical order:

Patricia Bryant

Patricia clearly sees the threat from the EU not only regarding the sovereignty and independence of The United Kingdom, but also the immense threat they pose to the right of the people to speak freely, the continental view of free speech is fundamentally not the same as that posed by English Common Law, the right ends where you cause harm to others, not when you harm their feelings.

She understands meme culture and is internet literate, as social media organiser will be using unrelenting meme artillery to make UKIP Great Again.

A member since 2009 she can be relied upon to defend UKIP regardless bias fake news legacy media.

Andrew Moncrieff

An excellent candidate, free speech is a very strong issue to Andrew and from his response clearly understands how free speech used to work and how it once again must, offense is not a crime and is the only way those all across the political spectrum can debate and convince one another to change their minds.

Andrew has been a member of UKIP since 2003 a loyal supporter of the party and can be relied upon to stick by UKIP through thick and thin.

Paula Walters

A clear supporter of the fundamental right of freedom of speech and supporter of scraping ALL hate speech legislation and has personally faced the abuse of these ideas being faced with being fired over something as small as calling David Cameron a “Plonker” over British Steel.

Paula is also a supporter of enforcing British humanin standards to all animal slaughter (Stun before slaughter) with no exemptions for religious slaughter, a stance backed consistently by the governments own advisory body since its inception.

Ernie Warrender

Our personal favourite response to the “Hate Speech” Question with his grandfather giving his life to defend the fundamental right of freedom of speech in the second great war, and understands you must defend your political opposition to defend your right to freedom of speech.

Ernie follows and retweets Dankula on twitter and clearly understands the online meme culture of the times, a member since 2009 Ernie can be relied upon to put UKIP’s best interests first and clearly believes in the party thick or thin.

Ryan Waters

Ryan is a self-defined Libertarian and seems to understand UKIP should be the party to defend against the ever growing ever encroaching state, and a strong supporter of free market capitalism.

He also understands meme culture and his twitter reflects this, his response to the “Hate Speech” question was very good and clearly understands the danger of the state’s ability to decide what form of political speech is acceptable and what is not.