How I Found the Liberalists #1: Frank Brosell

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new series on called “How I Found the Liberalists”! Every week we will feature a short post by a different member of The Liberalists, introducing themselves and how they found themselves involved in the movement. If you would like to be a part of this series, please email us your story at We hope you enjoy getting to know us!  Now here’s our first entry, from Frank Brosell:


Frank Brosell


Like many of you, my first exposure to The Liberalists was one born from the Internet. It was in a local Proud Boys Facebook group that I first heard of the Sargon/Spencer fallout which prompted Sargon to take a stronger role in influencing politics as a whole. After his video was made stating that he wished to form a group of “Liberalists” who would be activists for liberalism, one quickly popped up by none other than the Patron Saint of the Liberalists, Billy McGarrity.

Billy McGarrity, for reasons none of us can understand, chose me as one of the original administrators for the group. I was initially brought in because of my connections with the Proud Boys. I wrote many articles for an online magazine started and funded by my state chapter and was a proud and active member of my local chapter. My intentions were to represent classical liberalism and get as many Proud Boys involved so we could have a stronger presence when we would meet up, rally, and organize marches. I see the Proud Boys as strong potential allies of the Liberalist movement, as evidenced by their robust opposition to groups like Antifa:



That did not happen through me. I was instead met by a certain resistance from my former brothers. I was shocked to learn that most of my chapter had decided that Richard Spencer (who they claimed not to like) had fared better than Sargon, and did not want to side with his philosophy. Even more surprisingly, a few items were revealed about my former brothers as they began to express views that were both ethno-nationalist and anti-semitic.

DISCLAIMER: I only experienced this within my own LOCAL Chapter. Since then, Sargon has been entertained and secured by Proud Boys of various other Chapters at events in the United States and Proud Boys have had members who offered security at events staged in the UK. Proud Boy Chapters each hold complete autonomy from one another. There is no overarching organization to hold chapters accountable to one another, because that isn’t the point and Proud Boys don’t care about that gay shit. We just wanted to belong to a group of men that openly encouraged men to be men.

In learning of these views however, I opted to leave my local chapter. I even asked that all of my articles be removed from the website I had helped build with them. I was building a name and style for myself among those who I thought were like-minded. This meant, by extension, walking away from the Proud Boys altogether. I walked away from all of it and threw myself into The Liberalists.

The problem with that was I had no mission. Well, that didn’t last long. I was soon put to work using my former connections to weed out alt-right infiltrators. After all, one of the primary indications of their ideology could now be measured by how many mutual friends we shared. There were many bad-actors who never got the chance to damage or subvert the group because of these events. The work has never stopped, and I would not have traded it for anything. These last six months have been a wild ride and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.