The Liberalists

The Great War

by Rockman Raiden

We go through our daily lives fueled by routine and habits. We go home, eat dinner, watch our programs and go to bed.  In the surface, everything is business as usual.  We catch bits and pieces of news.  Rumors and hearsay really.  Filtered and repeated on a semi hourly basis. A murder here.  A protest there.  A majority of us not affected in the slightest.  The war being fought isn’t one of trenches and bullets, tanks and missiles.  There is no draft.  No marching propaganda.  The difference between this war and every war beforehand is that we aren’t the soldiers.  We are the prize.  

We can see evidence of this Great War by looking at what’s happening in the UK.  Those in power are putting the finishing touches on stripping their citizenry’s freedom and stealing their words and thoughts.  “Oi! Where is your license for that post?!” It’s not just a meme.  Citizens are facing capital punishment for thought crime.  Folks are disappearing from the streets for having opinions.  We see similar policies being passed across Western Europe, from Germany, to Sweden, France, Finland.  The governments are in active combat with their own people.  Anywhere under the umbrella of the European Union. 
We see evidence of this Great War by looking at what’s currently happening in the US, where there is a Civil War going on between it’s military and what’s known as the archetypal Deep State.  The same shadowy influences that have plagued the rest of the western world are facing severe resistance.  A wave of nationalism has sprung up and started to spread like wildfire.  The advent of the Trump Administration has reminded us that it’s perfectly fine to have pride in our country.  It has reminded us that there is a reason borders exist.  Nationalism is anathema to those forces that wish to undermine the nation. To weaken it. 
We see evidence of this Great War by looking at the citizens rising up in Hungary, Poland, and Italy.  These brave men and women see what’s around the corner.  They know what’s going to happen.  They won’t be dictated to by the likes of unelected so called philanthropists with no allegiance to any country or creed.  Actors with international access to classified materials, hopping around the world selling secrets and promises.  Praying to their dark gods that they will be spared the burning light of justice.
We see evidence of this Great War by looking at what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.  Where corruption is being ripped out of it’s system like weeds.  Where the Crown Prince, at the helm of great change, survived an assassination attempt and is currently recovering.  We see evidence in North Korea.  Where the entire region is in the midst of denuclearization, and the shadowy influences panic and fade away.  We see evidence in Syria, where the perfect excuse for war has been debunked as a fabrication.  
The biggest war in human history is happening.  Where are you on the chess board?  Are you working a day job, counting on everything working out?  Do you care beyond your paycheck, your meal, and your bed.  What are you doing in this literal battle against evil?  Are you an asset?  Or are you content with being a hostage?  Turn off your TV.  Start reaching out to your neighbors with an open mind.  You might learn that you aren’t alone.  Petty disagreements should take a backseat to one very important desire.  A desire that burns at the breast of any patriot.  Justice.