The Liberalists

Silent Invasion: A Solemn Call to Action

by Rockman Raiden


We’ve all seen V for Vendetta. We all know what the world a dystopian future could look like, where tyranny persists and predators walk the streets at night looking for victims to feed upon. Where a council of dictators would sit together and conspire ways to control, lie, and to silence. Where the news anchors sit with the Sword of Damacles above their heads, hoping the makeup they wear doesn’t betray the sweat on their brow. 

Of course, I’m not talking about a movie, am I? The Fingermen have made their move, so to speak. However, the world of the charismatic V doesn’t exist. What we have is the exact opposite of what is represented. The same tool is used: fear. Instead of fearing degeneracy, the Islamic horde, infiltrated authoritarian overlords, criminals, animals, rape, violence, destruction and death, we fear ourselves and the monsters we can become in the name of self-preservation. We have been taught to fear ourselves. Thus, a generation of weaklings has been born, and the Silent Invasion is underway. 

What is a disease? Well, one word describes it pretty well: corruption. Scientifically, we must analyze the symptoms to identify the disease. Only then will we be able to discuss the cure. The Western world has been sick for a very long time. The immune system getting weaker and weaker. Many dying. Many imprisoned. Many silenced. The corruption has become so stong that the body is attacking it’s own cells. 
What is happening in the UK and around the world is a recipe for great change. Tensions are at the boiling point as the gates of police stations are scaled in the name of a single patriot, a man trying to protect his country and its people from the corruption plaguing it. There are so many examples of patriots like Tommy Robinson being crushed under an authoritarian rule that even the average person is shaking their heads. “Enough is enough,” they mumble. “This is the last straw.”

The spirit of patriotism has no borders. Soon the tide will turn as the policies putting citizens in danger are brought to light, and the hellish ogres that implement them face justice. Human history goes in cycles.  The dam created by controlling what the history books say will only hold the water of truth back for so long. Even long established narratives are crumbling and being questioned as the light shining on the enemy of humanity becomes brighter and brighter.  No. The Silent Invaders aren’t the Islamic horde trying to flood the western world with their Sharia paradise.  They are the ones opening up the gates.  Feeding the sickness while weakening the antibodies. 

Jordan Peterson, in one of his lectures, speaks about embracing the monster we are. Taming it. Mastering it. What can be taken from that lecture is that we are living a life half lived. If we continue to hold ourselves back we will not succeed. We will not survive. We need to become primal in our drive to better ourselves, defend ourselves, and protect our neighbors.  We must become the best versions of ourselves we can be even if it means making friends with the creature under your bed, in your closet, in your head.  Once you face your fears, nothing can stop you from taking your countries back. 

You must take your countries back.