The Liberalists

In Losing My Best Friend to Social Justice, I Discovered a New Nation and Redefined My Pride

by Yizzien Olonrae

Someone I used to know looked me up recently. We met each other around the turn of the millennium and bonded over our love of ‘nerdy’ stuff like pen-and-paper RPG gaming, video games, and philosophy. We were also each a type of queer, and while where we lived that alone was something to bond over, we had much better reasons to be friends.

He was into philosophy and modern history, and last I knew he was still involved with a university path towards some kind of degree. Regardless, last I spoke with him was just shy of a decade ago. I made a post on social media playfully mocking something (as is my way), and upon that post he made an intelligent, witty comment playing devil’s advocate (as was his way). I responded with something catty and playful: “of course you take the man’s side” or something simple and obviously comical like that. 

It was that minor thing which cost me his friendship. After a bizarrely dire series of PMs I lost him as a friend, but was flabbergasted the person I knew so well for many years was acting in such a way. I remember glancing down at my desktop calendar to make sure I wasn’t falling prey to a clever April Fool’s prank. It was like an alien or secret agent had supplanted him, and even though I thought I was talking to the man I knew… I wasn’t. It ate at me a few months, but I put it behind me and hadn’t thought of him in years until recently when he messaged me. 

I was excited at first because I remembered my original friend, the one I loved and gamed with for thousands of hours… but reality quickly set in. The reason he reached out was merely to confirm what he’d heard about me being alt-right, and it didn’t take many lines of cold, unfamiliar pleasantries for us to get into a rather heated and emotional conversation. 

Early in this rather unpleasant interrogation, I was asked if I was a nationalist (he meant white supremacist or alt-right, but I forgave his ignorance) which then lead into a 3-hour discussion about my values, ethics, and politics. This conversation not only convinced me that what we hear about modern universities indoctrinating people is at least partially true, but lead me to realize I actually AM some sort of nationalist… and for reasons I never considered. 

I’ve never felt America was inherently superior or more valuable to other nations simply because it’s where I grew up and where I live, and I always thought I would have to be radicalized or ignorant to be a nationalist. 

Apparently I was wrong.

I am not an American nationalist, I am a Western Nationalist. A diehard Liberalist if you will. I believe that the West (all of it, bad and good) is the best society the world has ever seen. I believe in a central government, national borders, police/military, Christian values, private property, freedom of speech, right to assembly, tolerance, organized non-violent protest, separation of church and state, etc. 

I believe the enemies of the West can not and will not do better than the West is doing for the world. The last century saw unprecedented progress not only within the West, but across the entire world. Western free market, democracy, and free speech has lead to the technologies and philosophies that saved most of the world from hunger and disease… and in many cases suffering at the hands of warlords and cruel regimes. 

Despite those who wish to ruin it and have tried (commies, nazis, etc) and despite those who actively work against it from the within (SJWs, selfish pedagogs, deconstructionists, radical activists, megacorp meddling, etc), we still have seen progress for the bulk of humanity in magnitudes never dreamt in the past. 

I believe in this system, this culture. I believe in the people who built this system and the humane concepts responsible for this culture. I am not ready to give up on our elected leaders nor our system yet.  I think we still have time to recalibrate from the information age explosion and fix the issues that have manifested before we fall to chaos; or the West is overrun by Marxists and Muslims like many more radically-minded people suggest.  Whatever the ‘fall of the West’ conjures in your mind, I don’t think we’re dangerously close to that yet. 

However, that being said… 

If I am wrong; if the powers-that-be in the West decide to go fully authoritarian and willfully destroy what I believe to be great (the West) then I will sadly and with heavy heart join up with America and others who will defend the West’s way of life. 

If America itself seems likely to fall, I will do all I can to non-violently (but overtly) keep us from falling. 

If America does fall, I will do all I can (including becoming a freedom fighter) to fight for what I consider “my” America, “my” people, and “my” nation. 

I will fight and I will die to prevent such a great culture and successful society from being lost. 

I am not proud to be white. I am not proud to be American. But I am proud of who I’ve become and have great respect for the society which allowed me to become the person I am today.

This doesn’t make me racist, a white nationalist, nor a warmonger. This makes me a morally responsible and ethically strong person. This makes me proud of what we, Westerners of all skin colors and nationalities, have built together. This makes me a staunch supporter of liberty and peace.  

Perhaps most importantly, this makes me a sincere human being who will fight and die for what is best for all human beings… 

And that, my friends, is something worthy of pride.