OPINION: Economic Freedom: Independence and Accountability

By Frank Brosell

What do Corporate Bailouts, Social Welfare and Taxation all have in common? They are all the antithesis of Economic Freedom. Economic Freedom means having the power to move freely in the marketplace, with no infringement on your economic potential whatsoever. Economic Freedom is the ability every person should have to put their worth wherever they deem is worthy. This is Economic Freedom.

The cost of this freedom is the right to failure. The right to constantly have one’s worth measured and evaluated. As the consumer righteously discerns between superior and inferior product, so the employer may righteously discern between superior and inferior labor. This is what we call accountability, and when we succeed at attaining it we have earned Independence.

So why is it we are content to permit a lack of Economic Freedom, because of the failures of others? Be they government, corporations or individuals, why should the failings and short-comings of others cause any infringement on our Economic Freedom?

Well, it’s because you might not actually believe in Economic Freedom. Do you believe the government needs to take your money to make the government run? Do you believe some corporations are too big to fail? Do you believe some individuals should be compensated for a lack of independence or accountability?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, you do not believe in Economic Freedom. You believe in something else that only pretends to be Economic Freedom. What you may not in fact realize is that in principle they are asking the exact same question: should the worth of one individual be sacrificed for the support of another by force? If you answer yes, you do not believe in Economic Freedom. You believe In something else.

But let’s say you do believe in Economic Freedom, or that you would at least want to try having some faith in the Principle of Economic Freedom. Let’s start by addressing each of the three questions and offer solutions rooted in Economic Freedom.

Do You Believe the Government Needs Your Money to Operate Itself?

This is by far the most infuriating notion we have ever been duped into believing. The very idea that the government, the body empowered with the right to use force, is capable of only using force, is a lie. The government at every level is comprised of individuals capable of thought and ingenuity. We elect them because they claim to have these bright ideas. The notion that they are incapable of engaging the free market in an enterprising way to produce a flow of capital that would allow for the maintenance of our infrastructure and programs, is nothing short of laziness and sophistry.

Rome built and utilized the Coliseum, they took prisoners and slaves and made them bleed and die to entertain the populace. Today we have an overflowing prison system. Could the government not utilize our prisoners in the same manner in principle? Would it be impossible to set up reality television shows which would offer non-lethal competitions to non-violent offenders, who will compete for freedom and glory? We westerners do love a good redemption story. Cooking, construction, muscle-building, all skill sets that can be broadcasted and capitalized on. The government would receive money from charities and advocacy groups. They would charge corporations for advertisements and marketing schemes. And make a ton of money while entertaining us, The People.

That is just one idea I came up with on the spot. The government does not need your money to do anything. It simply needs to be held accountable for its own independence. If it wants to take on new programs, new enterprises and methods should be discussed how to fund them…rather than just wishing them into being. And stop letting them plunder the coffers of our trust funds. We paid good money for those. Hold the government accountable and stop giving them the cold cash to feed their habit. It hurts everyone every time we let them get away with it.

Do You Believe Some Corporations are Too Big to Fail?

None of them are. Not a single one. There is not a single market that would lament the sudden demise of it’s largest shareholder. There are far too many smaller sharks eager to devour the whale and take it’s place. And they would get a lot of help too. And not from the government. Let’s take Milton Friedman’s example of the pencil. With all the intricate parts. The wood, the graphite, the small metal attachment and the rubber top…if the world’s largest pencil company went flat do you think we would suffer from a shortage of pencils? Hell no! And the reason is because all of the independent companies who had sold each individual raw piece, the wood, the rubber, the graphite…would all scramble like mad to find a new buyer! This new buyer would purchase said materials and make the pencils, and you might not even notice the change of the label. No one is too big to fail in a free market with complete Economic Freedom. Anyone who says otherwise is a lying weasel. Corporations too need to be held accountable for their own independence.

Do you believe some individuals should be compensated for a lack of independence or accountability?

This is the harder one to discuss because no one wants to be the bad guy. We all know people who are unable to work. We are aware of sickness, age and tragedy. We know life is neither fair nor ideal. You probably know someone personally who needs that little extra…and it should be you doing the helping. Not some nameless faceless stranger through a government agency, who had no idea his money was taken or where it went. It’s not that I am against helping the poor, I only want to help the poor I actually want to help. Because that should be my right as an accountable and independent individual with Economic Freedom. All this talk and posturing that if we don’t support social spending that we are uncaring, is another lie from the least charitable demographic, Socialist Leftists. The fact is, the more you encourage Economic Freedom and sound conservative economic principles, the more likely we are to spend time and money taking care of one another. The most charitable donations come from higher income families in conservative states who vote for conservative leaders. Economic Freedom is a powerful driving force for voluntary charity. If unleashed, Economic Freedom can empower the most humane and accountable social programs ever created…the family and community. This brings us to another unpleasant reality. Social Welfare is rife with fraud. Why is it rife with fraud? Because they are receiving money from a nameless and faceless stranger through a government agency, who had little idea that the money was being taken, or where it was going to. It seems like such a victimless crime, stealing from the government. But it isn’t. The victims are personal. The victims are you and I. But even more tragic is the erosion of Economic Freedom that allowed such theft to occur in the first place. All individuals therefore also need to be held accountable for their independence, or lack there of, directly with their local communities on an open and honest case-by-case basis.

Corporate Bailouts, Social Welfare and Taxation are all the same exact evil against your Economic Freedom. They all take from one, to serve another, by force.

Which brings us down to the real meat of the matter. Are you still willing to let your own individual worth to be sacrificed for someone else? You worked for it. You bled, sweat, deprived and exerted yourself, and received your due reward. Why should any of that be sacrificed without your complete, conscious and explicit consent? You have bills to pay, at least one mouth to feed, put a roof over your head, you have answered the demands of the day…are you content letting your worth slip through and away to some faceless parasitic entity, because they couldn’t come up with a better way of getting things done?


The principle of Economic Freedom demands that we do better and history with factual data has shown that we are more than capable.