OPINION: To Be a Liberalist

By Frank Brosell
April 6th, 2018

The Liberalists are a very politically diverse group of individuals, as you have already learned earlier this week. We are represented by nearly the entire spectrum of political opinion and ideology.  We have stark and contrasting views on several wedge issues like gun control, abortion, capital punishment and taxation.  There will always be an unresolved debate and an undefined stance for several issues in our movement.  We need to realize that for our values to have any effect on society, we must permit room for those we disagree with.

That is the quandary and madness that is part and parcel of being a Liberalist.  You are actively fighting for an arena where your opponents have an equal footing in the intellectual discourse of the public square.  It sounds like a self-defeating notion, to fight for the equality of one’s opponent.
We must find a balance, so that we do not fall into the trap of either becoming so accommodating that our ideals and principles are down-trodden, or be so rigid that we become the villains we despise, trampling upon other’s Liberty in our own vision for what is right.

First, how do we stop ourselves from going too far?

To be perfectly blunt I do not have a good answer for that.  We have seen millions of people die from a severe case of “too much equality” directly because of policies enforcing equality.  I have never seen a case where people have died from an over abundance of Liberty, due to policies enhancing Liberty.

For this I will suggest two limitations on policy.  The first is to do no harm.  We shall define harm as the loss of another’s Liberty.  We should not endorse “freedoms” that permit or are clearly shown to cause harm.  Most Liberalist disagreements will revolve around what does or does not constitute “harm”.  The second limitation is the Principle of Blind Justice, or equality under the law.  You always know the line is crossed and Liberty lost, whenever men are treated with respect of persons, for better or worse, in the eyes of the law.  This is true in cases of Affirmative Action and Hate Crime, as well as those of Nobility and other forms of legally sanctioned prestige.

So long as The Liberalist’s do not enter upon those two extremes, the sky is the limit in my view.

So what do we do to ensure that we are not too accommodating?  The trick is to remember what your principles are.  Commit them to memory.  Individual Rights, Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Self-Reliance, Secularism, Economic Freedom and Blind Justice.  These are things you want for yourself.  They are also things you want those in your society to possess.  These are also the Principles of the Enlightenment.  The great thinkers of that great age do not need improvement or modification.  There has been much discussed about these principles and the virtues they possess.  We have even been fortunate enough to live in societies where the abundance of these virtues blessed our lives in the form of modern conveniences, economic comforts, and political freedoms.

But the reason you are a Liberalist is not because you need to be told how great these Principles are.  You do not need to be convinced of their benefits, nor do you need to be reminded what consequences will befall us all if they are thrown to the wayside.  Those discussions have also been laid out and evidenced clearly for all to see.  You know what happens to a civilization when Liberty is lost.

You are not a Liberalist because you need to discover the greatness of these Principles.  You are here because their greatness is self-evident to you.  You are a Liberalist because you recognize that the danger of losing them is surely becoming a reality, and you must do all in your power to ensure they are never lost.

You are a Liberalist because you want to act to preserve your Liberty.

To be a Liberalist is to act.  It is to take part in your own way in the most genuine and unique political movement I have ever seen.  We have already amassed in a very brief period of time a strong and engaging community, a legal research team, a publishing team, regional pages and outreach programs.  We have several fun and creative projects that are all centered and focused on the preservation of the Freedom of Speech in light of recent events in the U.K.

And all of it started, because one of us decided to act.

And let me tell you, as a rule of thumb, most of what we accomplish even today is because of one person deciding “I’m doing this.”  It’s that moment you decide that taking action is more important than being right in the comments section or the Twitter thread, that is when you finally become a Liberalist. 

There is no official test, no gate to cross to being a Liberalist. There is no possible way to list every single action.  Being a Liberalist is volunteering to assist in whichever way you see appropriate to expand and grow the movement.  Being a Liberalist is writing an article for this website, so others can know that their views also belong in this group, because you were the brave one who dared to speak your peace. 

Be that person, be the odd one who speaks up and acts out boldly.  Here on this website, we had a very successful first week.  We were able to post original content from Liberalists submitted to our site every week day.  There was some controversy with the articles that were published.  Some felt that we were publishing articles that were too right-leaning.  Maybe they were.  But they were also the only articles that had been submitted by that time.  We reward those who take the initiative. 

Since our first week, we have enjoyed some content from our left-leaning members as well.  I am even told we have rebuttal pieces ready to those articles written during the first week.  Those will be published as well!  All views that are consistent with the ideals of preserving Liberty will be and ought to be represented on this website.

However, our first and primary concern is to not become too complacent in our objective to protect and promote Liberty.  And that means putting action before philosophy.  To be a Liberalist is found in the –ist, the Latin form of –ista; meaning to practice.  We are to put Liberty into practice by taking that next step forward.  Whether that next step is research for the legal department, writing an article for the Liberalist page, or inviting the Liberalists living in your area to your home to meet up, I encourage you to do so immediately and without apology.

Are you ready to be a Liberalist?

the views expressed, while awesome, do not reflect the Liberalist movement as a whole and are the opinions of the author”